Pentecost – A new beginning

UnknownThe word “Pentecost” stands for “fiftieth”.  In the history of humanity, it has been used for different purposes, depending on the culture and the religion.  In the Old Testament, the “Feast of Harvest” (Ex.23:16) was celebrated on the “fiftieth” day of the “Feast of First Fruits” (Dt. 26:1-11) which was celebrated by bringing the first fruits of Israelites’ harvest before the priest. Here, their deliverance from Egypt to the Promised Land by the God was acknowledged.  At the same time the “Feast of Harvest” showed the gratitude to God for the harvest.  Today, the Jewish religion celebrates the Pentecost as the birthday of the Torah (The time our Law was given – on Mount Sinai), 49 days after the Exodus.

In the Christian religion, Pentecost is celebrated as the day on which the Holy Spirit descended upon the Apostles (Acts. 2:1-13).  It occurs on the 50th day of Easter and on the 10th day of the Ascension of Jesus Christ. Pentecost is the day, when the Church started, so it is considered the birthday of the Universal Church.  Pentecost is a remembrance; a remembrance of the deliverance to a new beginning. In the OT, it is the deliverance from slavery to a new beginning (Promised Land) and in the NT, it is the deliverance of the Apostles from the fear to a new beginning (The Church).

Therefore the Pentecost reminds us of a new beginning. In the day-to-day life of a human being, there is always a desire for a new beginning.  It is a change, from the old and difficult situations to a new and peaceful life.  But the hardships and difficulties are some live-realities, ever present and part and parcel of each one’s life.  Therefore, let this Pentecost be a new beginning of not running away from these hard realities, but accepting and rising above the same with a new perspective. Let this Pentecost be a new beginning for each one of us.

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