“Erntedank” the German Thanksgiving

DSC_0681 (1280x837)We have so many reasons to thank the Lord. Each culture and land has their own way of thanking the Lord. Thanksgiving, majorly celebrated in United States and Canada is very popular. Some of the other major celebrations in the world are the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival of China, Chuseok of Korea, Homowo of Ghana, Cerelia of Roman Culture and Tabernacles fest of Jewish.. These celebrations and all the other thanksgiving festivals observed around the year make humanity remember the presence and importance of God in their midst.

DSC_1034 (1280x854)Recently I was fortunate enough to be a part of the Erntedank fest in Germany.  This festival is an expression of thanksgiving to God for the good harvest the people have received. On this day, the church is decorated with fruits, flowers and various harvest produce. Most of the churches celebrate the Erntedank fest with a family mass. The real reason for the celebration is the realization that life is the gift of God and we are called to share this life with others. Therefore, thanksgiving reminds us to share our lives with our neighbour.

The Canonized Saints and the living saints are beautiful role models to humanity since they shared their life with others. Their lives were based on the foundation of love towards God and humanity. Their words still echo in the minds of humanity. Bl. Mother Theresa has rightly pointed out that, “let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love. Therefore, the next time we celebrate Thanksgiving, let us be the reason for someone else’s smile.

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